Thursday, January 15, 2009



All information contained in this blog is for discussion only. Many of the topics discussed here are theoretical and often represent very new ideas. Don’t assume that what might work or even be legal in one situation in one part of the world or town will automatically work in another no matter how similar the situation may seem. Before beginning any project or action, always seek the consultation of a qualified local professional who can review specific information relative to your project and the site where it will be constructed.

All comments and posts are not generated by Bill Kisich and Inspired Landscape Creations, LLC. Comments represent the opinions of the poster and shall not be considered the position or opinion Inspired Landscape Creations, LLC. Additionally, Bill Kisich and Inspired landscape Creations, LLC shall not be held liable for any comment or information posted.

Research these ideas carefully and ensure that they apply to your specific area and situation.

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